I'm an Actor, Writer, and Director with a desire to impact the world but also to entertain. Whether you are moved to laugh, cry, or think, my goal is to have an effect on you. 



Bringing my vision to life through the medium of video and film gives me great joy. I love to craft stories using all the elements in order to bring the story to life. Every little detail is a part of what a director wants the audience to see and feel. It's such a rush when you know you have created a world that the audience can dive into suspending their disbelief for the duration of you film or video. 



I love directing but having the camera in your hands and crafting the lighting and cinematography is every bit as thrilling for me. 


Bringing a character to life is just as challenging and fulfilling as anything else in the Video and Film world. You are a part but vital to telling the story and I love that feeling.